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Learn all you need to know about baseball.


To millions of devoted fans and players around the world, Cricket is the ultimate game.

Field Hockey

The game of field hockey is a stick and ball game with orgins dating back thousands of years.


Highly tactical and fast paced, football is like armoured chess.


Explore various forms of movement in a fun and creative way.

Ice Hockey

Generations of Canadian families have grown up watching and playing hockey.

Just For Parent

Check out these great resources for parents.


Learn how to play the fast and furious game of lacrosse, and what equipment you'll need to start.


The fast-pace and great physicality of Rugby can make it a highly dramatic sport.


Skateboarding provides the opportunity of feeling like you're surfing on pavement.


The beauty and popularity of soccer lies in its simplicity.


See how to play softball, and grab your bat, ball and friends to play softball in Surrey!

Track & Field

Many Track & Field events were featured at the first games at Olympia in 776 BC.