Meet Blazer the Eaglet!

Surrey kids have voted and ‘Blazer’ will be the name of the baby eaglet for the City of Surrey’s kids website. The name was chosen by students at Mountainview Montessori Elementary School in Surrey, and it recieved over 200 votes! They have won an interactive in-school presentation by the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (O.W.L.), which will include live birds of prey.

"We want young people to feel engaged and connected to their city, and the naming contest was a fun way to reach out to children across Surrey," says Mayor Dianne Watts. "Blazer is a great name for the website mascot because it symbolizes the great opportunities here in Surrey. I want to thank all the children who participated in the contest, and I hope they will continue to use Surrey’s kids website which is a fantastic resource for students, teachers and parents."

Fifty-seven schools participated in the online naming contest and 100 names were submitted. Five names were randomly chosen and over 500 children under the age of 12 voted. The other names on the final ballot were:

  • Hoget
  • Iziey
  • Quiky
  • Searcher