Top 5 Picks for Active Kids

1. Toddler Town

Have a wee one who's always on the go? Bring them to Toddler Town. There's tons of age-appropriate activities including mats and open-ended creative crafts.

2. Safeway Bike Powered Smoothie Stop

There's nothing like making your own smoothie and having fun while doing it!  Be active and ride a bike to create a drink that's healthy and yummy!

3. Lifecycle Bike Fun & Skills

"Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle!" Come enjoy circular bike fun & skills course and teach your kids how to be safe while riding their bike. Loaner bikes and helmets are provided for children over the age of 3 years.

4. Road Hockey

Hype up the Canadian spirit! Party for the Planet goers will be able to enjoy some fun and exciting hockey skills and demos. Play some 3 on 3 with your peers or practice shooting skills on the goalie to experience what it's like be an active Canadian!


5. Rock Climbing Wall

Climb Party for the Planet's rock climbing wall, and get the best view of the festival!