Top 5 Picks for Artsy Kids

1. Eco-crafts at the Surrey BIA booth

Be it painting cherry blossoms, making birdseed cookies, or creating self-watering planters, your little Michaelangelo will have a blast making art using recycled materials!

2. Create at the Surrey Art Gallery booth

Put your artistic ability to work and create your very own art monster using recycled materials and found objects!

3. Paint a reusable bag at the Salmon in the City booth

Drop by the Salmon in the City booth, and paint a reusable bag with a salmon design! Art can be beautiful and practical.

4. Stories with the Ta Daa Lady in her Eco-Dome

Join the Ta Daa lady in her handmade Eco-dome for interactive storytelling! Learn why helping the environment starts with planting a seed in your heart.

5. Nature Play at the Surrey Nature Centre booth

Kids will love making "min-habitats" out of natural materials. At the end, kids will leave their mini-habitats for others to use, just like animals in the wild!