Cloverdale Youth Services

The Cloverdale area has a ton of different opportunities to offer young people!

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Cloverdale Recreation Centre

The Cloverdale Recreation Centre (6188 - 176th Street) offers drop-in hours for preteens and youth every Friday and Saturday in the youth lounge. You can also check out the brand-new youth park and outdoor sports court.

Clayton Heights Secondary School

Pre-teens and youth are welcome to visit Clayton Heights Secondary (7003 - 188 St) for the Clayton Heights Social Hub every Friday and Saturday night.

Don Christian Recreation Centre

The Youth and Preteen Drop-in Centre is closed for the summer. 
Pre-teens can check out Don Christian Recreation Centre (6220 - 184 Street).

Get Involved & Be a Leader!

Got an idea for a project or an event, but need some help or support to make it happen? Our Youth Engagement Project Teams (YEP) are looking to work with you. If you have an idea for a huge event, or are just looking for some free space to get together with your friends for a small project, then contact our YEP team! We can't wait to hear from you!

Cloverdale Rec Youth Services

Learn about the activities offered for pre-teens and youth at Cloverdale Recreation Centre.

Clayton Heights Secondary School

Learn about the free Friday & Saturday night activities offered for pre-teens and youth of Clayton Heights Secondary

Don Christian Recreation

The Youth and Preteen Drop-in is closed for the summer.