Youth Fest Shuttle Bus

Plan your way to and from Surrey Youth Fest on Saturday, September 23, 2017 with the FREE shuttle bus. Find your closest bus stop and check the schedule below.

If you have questions on the day of the event (Sept. 23) about the shuttle bus, call 604-679-5254. Please note that departure times may vary, so it's best to arrive early.

Buses To Surrey Youth Fest

Meet the bus at the stops and times below to catch a ride to the Guildford Recreation Centre.

Bus Stop Departure Time
Bridgeview Community Centre 4:05pm | 7:50pm
Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre 3:50pm | 7:30pm
Cloverdale Recreation Centre 12:30pm | 5:00pm
Fleetwood Community Centre 2:00pm | 8:10pm
Fraser Heights Recreation Centre 3:10pm | 8:15pm
Newton Recreation Centre 1:35pm | 7:45pm
North Surrey Recreation Centre 3:35pm | 7:15pm
South Surrey Recreation Centre 1:05pm | 7:15pm

Buses From Surrey Youth Fest

A bus will leave the Guildford Recreation Centre at the times noted below.

Bus on Route To Departure Time
Bridgeview Community Centre 2:55pm | 9:10pm | 11:30pm
Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre 2:55pm | 9:10pm | 11:30pm
Cloverdale Recreation Centre 4:30pm | 11:30pm
Fleetwood Community Centre 9:10pm | 11:30pm
Fraser Heights Recreation Centre 2:55pm | 9:10pm | 11:30pm
Newton Recreation Centre 9:10pm | 11:30pm
North Surrey Recreation Centre 2:55pm | 9:10pm | 11:30pm
South Surrey Recreation Centre 9:10pm | 11:30pm

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