Don Christian Recreation

Address & Contact Info

Don Christian Recreation Centre
6220 - 184 Street, Surrey, BC
Phone: (604) 502-6402

Activities at Don Christian Recreation Centre

The Don Christian Recreation Centre in Cloverdale offers pre-teens (ages 10 to 13 years) an opportunity to socialize, recreate and be with friends.

Our youth staff are on site while you:

  • Play sports
  • Participate in crafts and board games
  • Play on the outdoor sports court on days with nice weather.

Get Involved & Be a Leader!

Got an idea for a project or an event, but need some help or support to make it happen? Our Youth Engagement Project Teams (YEP) are looking to work with you. If you have an idea for a huge event, or are just looking for some free space to get together with your friends for a small project, then contact our YEP team! We can't wait to hear from you!


Pre-Teen Drop-In
Tuesday: 2:30 - 5pm

Thursday: 2:30-4pm