Surrey Libraries

Once upon a time, you may have heard the phrase “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!” Cheesy as it sounds, this basic truth that holds true for people no matter what their age.

Get Your Library Card

Bring ID and proof of address with you to sign up for a library card at any Surrey Library branch!

With a library card, you can borrow books, CDs, magazines, and DVDs, and more. You can also access library resources for homework help, and download new music every week.

And the best part? It’s all free.

Get Involved with Surrey Libraries 

Want to be involved with your local library face-to-face?  Surrey Libraries hosts lots of events and programming, from regular book clubs and teen anime club, to board game bonanzas and gaming nights. We also hold maker events for the crafty and creative, both through digital technology and with analog, old-school, hands-on materials!

Attend Teen Library Events

Surrey Libraries hosts lots of events and programming for teens, so check out the Surrey Libraries event calendar to learn more.

Join Teen Library Groups

You can also get involved by joining a club, or apply to be a member of the Teen Library Council!

Reading Buddy Volunteering

Share your passion for reading with kids by volunteering as a reading buddy.

Surrey Libraries' Location, Hours & Contact Info

You can find the location, hours, and contact info for your local Surrey library on the Surrey Libraries website.

You can also reach out to Surrey Libraries on Facebook! Join the group and keep current on all the teen programs.

Learn More

Surrey Libraries Website: All the Library information you need can be found on this site.

Surrey Libraries Teen Central Page has specific information about programs for youth and how to get involved with the Teen Advisory Group.

Teen Library Council (TLC)

Be part of the Surrey Public Libraries as a member of the Teen Advisory Group.