Future Leaders - Youth Leadership Program

This 5-step program will help you build leadership skills, training and experience towards becoming an instructor, day camp leader or child-minder.

At the completion of the program, you'll get a reference letter and certificate of completion.

Who can join

The Future Leaders Youth Leadership Program is open to registered City of Surrey volunteers ages 14 to 21.

Testimonials from Past Future Leaders

"The Future Leaders Program is an excellent way to see what it takes to become a program instructor, and the preparation work that needs to go into each class beforehand." Amy

"If there is one thing I have learned as a Future Leader it is that leadership is more than directing a group of people; it is adapting to the needs of each individual." Lexi

"For anyone who enjoys working with children and wants to make a positive impact in their lives, I would strongly encourage you to take part in the Future Leaders – Youth Leadership Program." Megan

5 steps to completion

Steps 1 to 3 can be started on your own. Once they're done, contact Kathy Borneman for information on signing up to complete step 4, the Instructor Internship.

  1. Register as a volunteer. Find out how to become a new volunteer and register.
  2. Volunteer experience. Complete 14 volunteer hours anywhere within the City of Surrey’s Parks, Recreation & Culture programs.
  3. Complete Course Work.  Leadership Fundamentals (formerly Leadership Level 1), Emergency First Aid & CPR C and 1 more course of your choice eg, Volunteer Involvement or Communicating through Conflict (High Five - Principles of Healthy Child Development is not applicable for this step).
  4. Instructor Internship. Shadow an experienced City of Surrey instructor for an 8 to 10-week course based on your interest. Have fun learning valuable skills and techniques such as class management, creating lesson plans, and participant skill progression (must be 16 years of age to participate in this step).
  5. Complete Volunteer Development Course Work. High Five - Principles of Healthy Child Development.

Recommended Coursework (Optional)

I AM Game - If you are interested in instructing sport based programs, I AM Game will give you theory and application to successfully lead sport programs that focus on physical literacy, inclusiveness and social development. Learn more about I AM Game on the Surrey.ca main site.

Learn More

To learn more about the Future Leaders' program, contact Kathy Borneman