Youth Fest 2014

Youth Fest Volunteers

Learn more about the volunteer opportunities at Youth Fest, our largest free youth celebration of the year. Receive food truck vouchers, volunteer hours and more.

Youth Fest Exhibitors

Youth Fest will feature dozens of youth-focused exhibitors connecting youth with what our community has to offer.

Youth Fest All-Wheels Jam

Bring your skateboard, scooter or bike to the jam, or stop by to enjoy the impessive skills and energy these young riders bring with them.

Youth Fest Sponsors

Together, we build capacity, strengthen community connections, develop leadership and enhance the quality of life for Surrey residents.

Youth Fest Dance Battle

Participate in one of Surrey's largest youth all-styles dance battles or come out to support these super talented youth.

Youth Fest Shuttle

Get a ride to Surrey Youth Fest on the free shuttle bus. Check the schedule and meet the bus at one of the recreation centre stops.