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Semiahmoo Town Centre Plan

Semiahmoo Town Centre

We’re updating the Semiahmoo Town Centre Plan. The Plan will guide future growth and development in downtown Semiahmoo.

Get Involved

Thank you for attending the open house on July 11, 2019. Over 300 residents attended and shared their input on the draft plan. We also received over 750 online survey submissions. See our Community Engagement Summary (July, 2019)

Since 2018, we've

  • facilitated two resident workshops,
  • hosted two public open houses and
  • received input from over 1,500 completed surveys.

We are continuing to work on the draft plan. We are making refinements based on the most recent round of engagement. We will present a final draft plan for public input at an open house later this fall.

Plan Area

The plan area extends from 16 Avenue (North Bluff Road) in the south to 24 Avenue in the north, and from around Martin Drive in the west to Earl Marriott Secondary School in the east. The total study area includes 136 hectares (336 acres).

Planning Process

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  • Step 1: Getting Started expand
  • In July, 2004, Council authorized staff to review and update the 1993 Semiahmoo Town Centre Plan (Corporate Report). The update was driven by rapid growth and changing market conditions.

    Staff conducted background studies to gain a better understanding of area needs and opportunities.

  • Step 2: Exploring Options expand
  • In November of 2005, staff took their early research findings to the public. An initial open house shared residential and commercial growth projections. Stakeholders were asked to comment on housing and transportation options to meet future needs.

  • Step 3: Developing the Plan expand
  • Staff presented land use and design options at the second open house in 2006. A concentrated densification approach was suggested to promote continued vibrancy in the area.

    On September 25, 2006 Council approved a Stage 1 Land Use Concept and authorized staff to proceed with the Stage 2 component of the Plan. The Stage 1 Plan provides a general basis for more detailed planning in Stage 2 (Corporate Report No. C018).

    Staff conducted a comprehensive review of servicing requirements following approval of the Land Use Concept. In February, 2009, Corporate Report R016 updated Council on work completed to date. Council directed staff to conduct further public consultation. Stakeholder workshops included the following presentation materials:

    April 2009 open houses featured display boards showing work completed to date.

    In May 2012, Council approved an Interim Land Use Plan to guide development in the area. Council directed staff to expand the plan boundary. Extensions include a future rapid transit corridor along 152 Street and a potential medical district along 16 Avenue.

    In July, 2018, workshops identified extension area residents’ values and developed ideas for land use to support future growth. Key issues were captured in a live graphic recording. A preliminary land use concept for each proposed extension area was then developed by staff. Workshop participants were then surveyed based on these preliminary land use concepts.  

    A public open house was held on February 28, 2019 to inform all stakeholders about the updated planning process. View the open house display boards. A concurrent survey gathered citizen priorities and preferences that were used to develop a draft land use concept.

    A second public open house was held on July 11, 2019 to provide an overview of the draft land use concept, and to seek input from residents and stakeholders. View the display boards for a quick overview of the information presented at the Open House. A second survey was also offered to gathered citizen input on the draft plan. 

    Following public review and feedback on the draft land use concept in early summer 2019, staff will incorporate public feedback and forward the plan (Stage 1) to Council for consideration. An engineering servicing plan (Stage 2) will follow, after which development applications that conform to the plan may be considered by Council.

  • Step 4: Refining the Plan expand
  • Staff will revise the land use plan as needed to account for more detailed engineering analysis.

  • Step 5: Completing the Plan expand
  • Staff will forward a revised Land Use Plan (Stage 1) to Council for approval prior to completing the final (Stage 2) Semiahmoo Town Centre Plan.

Background Information

The 1993 Semiahmoo Town Centre Plan coordinated pedestrian-oriented development in the community centre. A plan update was initiated in 2004 to address changing conditions. Ongoing studies and stakeholder meetings led to the adoption of a 2012 interim plan.

The interim plan allows development applications to proceed while plans are revisited and finalized.

Contact Information

Planning & Development Department
Phone: 604-592-2640

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