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Land Use Bylaws

Several bylaws and policies regulate building and land development in Surrey. Development projects that comply with these guidelines and requirements help our city grow and realize its goal as a community and meet our sustainability objectives.

For example, Surrey's Zoning Bylaw 12000 contains the regulations for each type of zoning in Surrey. All properties in Surrey have a legal zoning classification that specifies the types of buildings allowed, the uses or activities that can take place on that property, and other regulations including building size, siting on the property, parking, how close you can build next to a watershed, and more.

Review this list of bylaws to be familiar with all City of Surrey land use plans and policies in the pre-application phase of developing land in Surrey.

The list provided here is a reference guide for development-related bylaws. This list is not comprehensive. All active City Bylaws that apply to development are part of the City of Surrey Bylaw Library.

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