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Surrey-Langley SkyTrain

skytrain tracks

We’re moving forward with a SkyTrain extension along Fraser Highway. It will connect Surrey and Langley, and the rest of the region. We’re also initiating a planning process to refresh the Surrey-Newton-Guildford rapid transit strategy, consistent with the 10-Year Vision of building 27 kms of rapid transit along both corridors. It’s the next step to enhance Surrey’s livability with a sustainable transportation system network throughout our communities.

As the backbone of our rapid transit network, SkyTrain will offer riders fast, frequent, high-capacity service. Our focus is to get Surrey residents where they need to go quickly, safely, and affordably.

It's a priority to build a high-quality, connected rapid transit solution.

Project Map

The plan will be built on commitments of the TransLink’s 10-Year Investment Plan.

This will be a 16.5-km-long Surrey-Langley rail rapid transit project. The SkyTrain will travel along Fraser Highway. It will provide a seamless, eastward extension of the existing Expo Line. King George Station will connect to Langley Centre through Fleetwood and Cloverdale/Clayton. Detailed alignment, station locations, and corridor design will come as we advance our plans.

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Growing Cities

Surrey and Langley are among the fastest-growing cities in the Lower Mainland.

Over the next 30 years, the City of Surrey, City of Langley, and Township of Langley are expected to

  • welcome more than 400,000 new residents and
  • create 185,000 additional jobs.

This growth will place pressure on our transportation system, economy and environment. More than 79,800 people will be within reach of using the Fraser Highway line by 2030. By 2045, the daily ridership is forecasted to be 89,400 resulting from the increased land use development along the corridor. This will help reduce growth of automobile use in South of Fraser and encourage first and last mile trips by active transportation.

Benefits for Riders

Safety & Reliability

SkyTrain gets high marks on safety because we do not have the potential of conflicts with other vehicles or pedestrians. SkyTrain's on-time performance rate of 95% or better (Source: TransLink) remains constant over time as the rest of the transportation network gets more congested.

Quality Service & Time Saving

SkyTrain riders will experience quality service levels with convenient, high operating frequencies. This driverless and automated technology is flexible. It can accommodate high capacity, demand surges and respond to growth.

Riders will experience seamless connections and ‘one-seat rides’ to key destinations. With unmatched travel speeds and no transfer penalties, riders will experience faster commutes.

Benefits for our City

Economic Catalyst

SkyTrain has a proven track-record of generating billions of dollars in development and spurring land use change. It changes the way people can connect to education, entertainment and employment centres.

Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Over the long-term, SkyTrain provides the capacity to meet long range Green House Gas reduction targets.

News & Updates

July 19, 2019 TransLink releases new details on Surrey Langley SkyTrain including cost estimates, station locations, and projected ridership. Highlights: travel time of 22 minutes, 8 locations, and good value for money with favourable benefit to cost ratios for all scenarios, comparable to Canada Line and Evergreen Extension.

May 23, 2019 – TransLink reports record-level response to first stage of public engagement. Results show 85% of respondents support the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain project. See the Public Engagement Report and the Market Research Report.

April 4, 2019 – TransLink launches public engagement for Surrey-Langley SkyTrain project and rapid transit planning for the 104th Avenue and King George Boulevard corridors.

December 13, 2018 – Mayors’ Council endorses TransLink work plan and gives direction to proceed immediately with planning and project development work for a SkyTrain on Fraser Highway project. Mayors’ Council concurrently initiates a planning process to refresh the South of Fraser rapid transit strategy, consistent with the 10-Year Vision of building 27 km of rapid transit on the three corridors. See the Mayors’ Council’s report on South of Fraser Rapid Transit (Page 60).

November 15, 2018 – Mayors’ Council suspends the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT Project and provides direction to prepare additional analysis and a detailed work plan for revisions to the South of Fraser rapid transit strategy.  See the Mayors’ Council’s report on “South of Fraser Rapid Transit" (page 23).

November 7, 2018TransLink Board of Directors approves resolution (Annex 4, page 49) seeking formal support from the Mayors’ Council to provide definitive direction to suspend the SNG LRT project and develop options for revising the South of Fraser Rapid Transit strategy.

November 5, 2018 – New Surrey City Council takes Office and immediately passes motion to cancel the Surrey Newton Guildford LRT project and begin work on extending SkyTrain network in Surrey from King George Station to Langley City.

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