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Fraser Highway SkyTrain Corridor Planning

Fraser Highway Planning Corridor

We’re moving forward with a SkyTrain extension along Fraser Highway. It will connect Surrey and Langley, and the rest of the region. It’s a big step to enhance Surrey’s livability and to building a vibrant, connected and sustainable community.

The Corridor already contains a diverse mix of employment and residential uses within the established communities of Fleetwood and Cloverdale. It is also home to emerging urban neighbourhoods in West Fleetwood, West Clayton, and East Cloverdale. The Corridor also includes a range of sensitive environmental and agricultural uses, including the Green Timbers Urban Forest, the Serpentine River, North Creek and sections of farmland through the Agricultural Land Reserve (“ALR”). 

To support SkyTrain we will be creating new land use plans along the corridor. We will also be reviewing and updating existing land use plans. Through these we will be supporting the development of walkable and vibrant Transit Oriented Communities. To prepare, we are undertaking a series of background studies. These will provide context and analysis for the land use plans. 

The following land use plans will be initiated or updated to support the SkyTrain extension:

Planning Area

The SkyTrain will travel along Fraser Highway, linking Surrey City Centre to Langley Centre. Background studies will be conducted along the entire corridor, within approximately 800 meters on either side of Fraser Highway. The boundaries for land use plans will be determined and adjusted based on input from background studies.    

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  • Background Studies expand
  • We are now underway with the preparation of background studies. This is typical with all City land use planning processes. It provides context and analysis necessary to develop detailed land use plans along the Corridor. It will also provide information to support the development of the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain (SLS) Business Case submission.

    The following background studies are underway within the corridor:

    • Market Study: A review of development opportunity and analysis of market demand for residential and commercial land uses. It wil lalso include a projection of absorption rates of new development. 
    • Environmental Study: An assessment of riparian, aquatic and terrestrial habitats, as well as vegetation and significant tree canopy. This will highlight areas of environmental sensitivity for consideration in land use planning.
    • Heritage Study: An inventory and assessment of key heritage buildings, trees and other features. It will also include a literature and archival scan of the Corridor. This will highlight areas and features of heritage significance for consideration in land use planning.
    • Growth Forecasts: Preliminary population and employment forecasts will generate data for the SLS Business Case submission. This is part of the requirements to advance the SkyTrain project.

    Other studies will focus on a review of the existing road network as well as other engineering infrastructure along the corridor. This will identify constraints and opportunities for consideration in land use planning.

  • Future Land Use Planning expand
  • Later this year we will begin work on land use plans to support SkyTrain. This will include new plan areas, as well as the updating of existing plans. Where we focus will be determined on the phasing of the SkyTrain extension, which will confirmed by TransLink shortly. 

    We will consider the following plan areas:

    Land use planning will implement the Official Community Plan's Transit-Oriented Development Principles. These are aligned with TransLink’s Transit-Oriented Communities Design Guidelines, which are centred around “Six D’s” of development:

    • Destinations – coordinate land use and transportation;
    • Distance – create a well-connected street network;
    • Design – create places for people;
    • Density – concentrate and intensify activities near frequent transit;
    • Diversity – encourage a mix of land uses; and
    • Demand Management – discourage unnecessary driving.

Background Information

Rapid transit on the Fraser Highway corridor has been a priority in the City and regional plans for over twenty years. In the 1990s it was envisioned as a median exclusive Bus Rapid Transit corridor. Land use plans for Fleetwood Town Centre and East Clayton were planned to support this proposed form of Rapid Transit.

In 2014, the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation approved “Transportation Investments: A Vision for Metro Vancouver,” which prioritized rapid Light Rail Transit (“LRT”) along Fraser Highway. The funding for the plan was divided into three phases of investment, with LRT to Langley as part of Phase 3 of the Investment plan.

On November 5, 2018 Council passed Resolution R18-2088 which directed staff to immediately start working on a Fraser Highway SkyTrain extension. The following month the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation (the “Mayors’ Council”) endorsed the project. This formalized an extension of the Expo Line SkyTrain over LRT for the Fraser Highway Corridor.

On April 1, 2019, Council endorsed Corporate Report R059 which authorized staff to commence the Fraser Highway SkyTrain Corridor Planning Areas review, including all preliminary planning and background studies.

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