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Water Metering Benefits

Volunteer water metering

Take control of your water bill

2012 data shows that 95% of meter volunteers used less than the equivalent flat rate amount and are saving money. This because they are seeing exactly how much water they are using and as they become more water conscious, they are taking steps to conserve water.

Why Switch?

  • Save money. Pay only for the water you use.
  • Become aware of your water consumption. Take steps to conserve water & watch the savings add up.
  • Spread out your payments over the year making it easier on your budget.

The water meter and installation are free. Apply anytime throughout the year.

Residential metered customers pay $1.87* for 1 cubic meter (1,000 litres) of City water and wastewater treatment. That is nearly the same cost as one bottle of 300 ml water at the store!

A family of 4 people typically use an average of 475 cubic meters of water per year.  This is a savings of several hundred dollars. View more information on Water Rates & Trends.

Estimated savings based on the number of people in a household:

2017 Annual Meter Billing Comparison

People per Household Flat Rate Water & Sewer Potential Payment* Possible Savings*
6 $1473.00 $1318.52 $154.48
5 $1473.00 $1109.77 $363.24
4 $1473.00 $901.01 $571.99
3 $1473.00 $692.26 $780.74
2 $1473.00 $483.51 $989.49
1 $1473.00 $274.75 $1198.25

*Average cost of a metered household

1) Annual flat rate is the equivalent to 800m3 of water.
2) Average cost of a metered household based on 325 L/person/day.

Call 604-455-3655 or 1-877-666-3837 to see if you’re a good candidate for a water meter.

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