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Trees on public and private property make up Surrey's urban forest and contribute to supporting Surrey's sustainability goal of becoming a thriving, green inclusive city.

Trees in Surrey are protected by the Surrey Tree Protection Bylaw. Get to know the ways we work to protect our urban forests and how you can get involved.

Storm damaged tree in a yard

Removing Trees

Find out how to apply for a tree cutting permit and the requirements to remove a tree in Surrey.

Tree surrounded by a tree protection barrier.

Building Site Tree Requirements

Review the tree requirements for building and demolition activities on private property.

Close up of a branch being pruned with pruning shears

Pruning Trees

Learn if you need a permit to prune trees, and how to prune your trees without damaging them.

Family planting a tree at Arbor Day

Planting Trees

Plant a tree in your yard, grab a tree voucher, or join the Releaf Planting team.

English Oak Tree in Port Kells

Exploring Surrey's Trees

Disover heritage trees in your neighbourhood or take a virtual tour of the Great Trees of Surrey.

A small boy climbing a large tree

Protecting Surrey's Urban Forest

Learn about the City of Surrey's commitment to protecting its urban forest.

Surrey Parks Volunteer Opportunities

Get to know and love Surrey's urban forest by volunteering in the parks & green spaces in your community.

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