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Block Watch

The consultation process for the Strategy had a very strong focus on neighbourhood level programs including citizen driven crime prevention. Participants made direct connections between their concept of public safety and feeling safe to walk and play in their community and being connected to their neighbours.

Neighbourhood level programs are therefore a critical part of the Strategy as they strengthen the fundamental unit of community cohesion, the local neighbourhood.

Block Watch is a well-established program that improves relationships between the police and the community they serve while building neighbour relationships, which in turn helps reduce opportunities for crime. The main objective of Block Watch is to aid in building safer neighbourhoods by encouraging residents to take a proactive approach to crime prevention and safety.

Through education on situational crime prevention tactics like target hardening, property marking and reporting suspicious activity, Block Watch provides an avenue for the community to take responsibility for its own safety by reducing the opportunity for crime.

Neighbourhood participants involved in the program report feeling engaged in their community and this makes it easier to detect suspicious behaviour that can undermine public safety. Block Watch will:

  • improve relationships between police and community,
  • build neighbour relationships, and
  • reduce the opportunity for crime.

Get Involved

Join a Block Watch group in your neighbourhood or start one if you don't have one!

How we’ll measure success

  • Neighbourhood Participation in Block Watch

Block Watch Partners

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