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Early Sign-Up

A woman signing up for a class on her iPad.

Securing your spot for City of Surrey’s popular drop-in fitness and sports classes is easier than you think! Participants can book their spot in advance online from 9pm the night before, or by phone or in-person up to 45 minutes prior to the start of class.

Participants require a Parks, Recreation and Culture account to book online. To quickly and easily create an account, visit our online registration site. In the top right corner, click “Create New Account” and enter your information.

How to book a spot online:

Find the drop-in schedule at the top of your local facility page. Click on expand schedule to find the list of available drop-in programs offering early sign up (look for the symbol of a check mark inside box). Enter your Client ID and Family Pin number to book your spot. Booking will open at 9pm the night prior to the class. When you arrive for class, simply swipe your membership card.

How to book a spot in-person or by phone:

To book a spot in person up to 45 minutes prior to start of class, visit the facility reception desk. To book your spot by phone, call 604-501-5100.