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Clayton Artists in Residence Program

Youth painting together

Clayton AIR is an Artists in Residence program that took place in Clayton Heights in 2019. Below is a description of the final project from program. Community Art will be repeating this residency Spring 2020.

Self: Present, Future
Printed Vinyl, Unveiled in 2019
A collaboration between artist Jennifer Clark, Surrey youth, and Surrey’s Youth and Community Art Staff

About the Artwork

Jennifer Clark collaborated with local youth to create this artwork, sharing a positive and inclusive message about our shared future. Participating students from Clayton Heights and École Salish Secondary Schools painted one abstract portrait to reflect their present self and one to represent their future. These portraits were then photographed and digitally arranged—with the present portraits in the lower section and the future portraits in the upper section. These portraits tell a story of a community navigating diverse life experience. They recognize the full range of youth emotions, including both the positive and negative ends of the spectrum. By juxtaposing images of their present and future selves, youth envision where they want to go in life.

It fosters a growth perspective—youth are not limited by who they are now, but rather they can grow into the person they want to become. Placing this artwork in public space validates youth experience and empowers then to share their positive message with the neighbourhood.

The Youth and Community Art program is thankful to Jen Temple and the Trademark Group of Companies for their support in providing the space to present this artwork.

About the Artist

Jennifer Clark is a Surrey-based painter who studies themes concerning the human psyche and the natural world. Clark’s concept for Self: Present, Future is based on her exhibition Mind the Weather, where she explores emotion and the subconscious mind through the creation of gestural abstract paintings. Clark has shown her work at the Surrey Art Gallery, Ian Tan Gallery, Kimoto Gallery, the Crescent Beach PopUp Gallery, the White Rock PopUp Gallery among others. She also creates popup exhibitions with her art collective Z-inc. Collective.