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Please note: This website is for the proposed Surrey Police Department, which is not yet in operation. Anyone needing police services should dial 911 in an emergency or call the non-emergency reporting line at 604-599-0502.

Surrey Policing Transition Report

Review the Surrey Policing Transition Report in full or review the report highlights.

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Citizen Engagement Strategy Update

The City prepared a Corporate Report which was submitted to Council on July 22, 2019. The document below includes the Corporate Report and all of the data received during the consultation.

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Surrey has grown rapidly from its roots as a suburban community to a major metropolitan hub of over half a million people.  It welcomes up to 1,000 new residents each month, making it one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Surrey is also a young and diverse city, where a quarter of residents are under the age of 19 and over forty percent of residents speak languages other than English at home. 
Surrey shows no signs of slowing down and yet, it is the only major city of its size in Canada that does not have its own police service with a Police Board that allows for local accountability and decision-making.


A City Police Department will:

  • Continue to enhance community safety through community-responsive approaches to policing
  • Emphasize collaboration with community partners to address underlying social issues
  • Improve accountability through a Police Board made up of local residents
  • Allocate resources based on local priorities and issues
  • Respond quickly to address new and emerging issues (e.g., opioid crisis)
  • Ensure policing and City priorities are aligned
  • Attract and retain sworn officers who can build their career in Surrey
  • Include members from diverse backgrounds that reflect our community

All over the world, approaches to policing have changed dramatically over time as the needs of communities evolve.  As Surrey continues to evolve and grow, a municipal police service will be able to respond quickly to the changing needs of our citizens.


Across Canada, policing is a matter of Federal and Provincial oversight. BC’s Police Act provides municipalities with over 5,000 residents the option of choosing to have a city police department. In November 2018, Council voted unanimously to move forward with that option and served notice to the Province that it intended to establish its own city police.

Since that time, the City has been working to build the blueprint for the transition to a new policing model. Under a Technical Assistance Agreement, Vancouver Police Department and the City of Vancouver have provided valuable expertise and advice to help build a new community-responsive urban policing model that meets Surrey’s current and future needs. The plan was submitted in May 2019 to the Solicitor General of BC for review.

In June 2019 the City concluded its citizen engagement process and findings from the engagement was prepared for Council to review on July 22, 2019.

On August 22, 2019, the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General and Mayor McCallum made a joint statement that the Province has given Surrey the green light to go ahead with the establishment of the Surrey Police Department. To this end, a joint committee has been struck that will be chaired by Hon. Wally Oppal and will oversee the next phase of the transition process. The City is now moving into implementation to put in place the necessary work to establish the new police department.

On December 23, 2019 the joint Provincial Municipal Policing Transition Study Committee completed its study of all areas requested by the Director, Police Services and forwarded the report to the Chair,  Hon. Wally Oppal. The Committee has reached consensus on the proposed approach to establish the Surrey Police Department.

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A municipal police service will enhance safety through community-responsive approaches to policing.

Overwhelming Citizen Support for Surrey Police Department

News and Updates

Media releases, event listings and notices regarding the police transition process.

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Read through statistics and data on trends on key issues in Surrey.