Candidate for Office of Councillor (People's Council Surrey)


Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy is a self motivated entrepreneur and owner of a small business located in Surrey.  Politically minded, he stepped up to represent everyday Canadians in the 2021 Federal Election, his first venture into politics.  With a background in the service industry and having sat as president of a strata council through a multi-million dollar renovation, he is not afraid to ask the questions that deserve answers.

Locally minded, not beholden to any globalist agenda, he believes that Surrey is at its best when people can pursue what they find meaningful in life.  Operating within the framework of truth, transparency and freedom, he respects the individual as paramount.

A husband and father of two young children, he is actively invested in protecting the fundamental freedoms we as Canadians have enjoyed and wish to maintain.

Excited to be running with Amrit Birring and the People’s Council Surrey team.