Candidate for Office of Councillor


As the world goes green, this city will grow.  We as citizens want to better our lives.  We want healthy habitats, less stress, and to solve the climate crisis.  People want to live here whether long term or short term.  The overall reality should be a responsible, intelligent, useful long term invention of neighbourhoods.  Cutting back on emissions means very much with rapid depletion of environments.  Ponds, lakes, healthy creeks, trees, riparian areas, and critters contribute to a trusting responsible way of life.  Available land in proximity to newly and already developed areas should provide community opportunities to grow local foods, be prepared for emergencies, storms, droughts, and natural disasters. The balance between nature and construction is very sensitive, emotional, but very critical.  New ideas should be heard.  I have Animal Sciences and Wildlife\Forestry Conservation Diplomas.  If elected, I’d devote my time to enhance Surrey, cooperating, communicating, and listening.