Candidate for Office of Councillor


Bosco’s primary education is a BBA. Having a background in IT, and worked on Servers, networks, Firewall, VPNs, cloud solutions, Decided change his field more towards Commercial management. In order to do this he completed his CAPM, CIP, a Law course through the University of Capilano, IACCM(Contracts and Commercial management).

Bosco has also spent a considerable amount of time in Logistics all over the world, specialising in heavy lift movement for the Oil and Gas sector, later on moving into the construction world. Bosco is actively involved in his work place as a Job steward, and with the Union within the capacity of Executive councillor.

What is important to Bosco is, Inclusion and diversity, Building on Surrey’s security including the policing, addressing developments in the city. Keeping our City costs down and avoiding property tax hike is a key driver in my campaign.