Candidate for Office of Councillor


I earned MA and PH.D in UBC and taught there for twenty years. I also have multiple real estate industry credentials. To make Surrey a safe, economically vibrant, beautiful and affordable city, I will work with all members of council, and community groups of all persuasions.

If elected, I will advocate for business-friendly policies to attract corporate and individual investments and the establishment of new industries.

The prompt replacement of the Surrey RCMP with a City of Surrey Police Department;

 Construction of a network of "South of Fraser" Sky Train Lines- connecting SOF's main urban and town centres;

- Revival of the late-1990's project to move the Pacific National Exhibition from the city of Vancouver to North Surrey along with the construction of a multi-purpose stadium and convention centre there;

 Establishing informal programs for children at K-12 schools after regular classes have ended for the day.