Candidate for Office of Mayor (Safe Surrey Coalition)


Doug McCallum

Mayor Doug McCallum has delivered record investments in 26 capital projects while keeping property taxes low and maintaining a balanced budget.

In the 2018 election, Surrey residents asked Mayor Doug McCallum to build infrastructure that had previously been neglected for up to 20 years, such as extending the SkyTrain all the way to Fleetwood, Clayton Heights and Cloverdale and replacing the RCMP with the Surrey Police Service. He delivered on all those promises and more.

Mayor McCallum will continue to deliver for Surrey residents. Safe Surrey Coalition platform includes many exciting projects:

  1. Extending the Skytrain to Newton
  2. Approving smart development that will create attainable housing for the middle class and affordable housing
  3. A new 60,000 seat stadium 
  4. Addressing environmental and climate issues to achieve net zero by 2030 not 2050
  5. Continuing to invest in road infrastructure to reduce traffic congestion