Candidate for Office of Mayor 



Independent. Mayoral Candidate For Surrey.

There is no need for party politics at the municipal level. In every province but British Columbia most cities have instituted a ward system. These are the (Five) Policy proposals I wish to bring forward.

They include

(1) Ward System (Know Thy Neighbour)

(2) Transit Improvements to the North South Corridors (Campbell Heights) More Frequent and more hours of service.

(3) Public Safety ( Give One Police Service jurisdiction over operations with provincial co-operation and oversight.

(4) Put basic necessities first and pet projects second (ie) Utilitarian Concept. This Policy Benefits the Most Citizens.

(5) Elect a Council Who Will Leave Their Egos at the Door, Who Will Have the Peoples Best Interests at Heart, People of an Independent Mind, No Party Whip. Humbly Yours John Wolanski