Candidate for Office of School Trustee 



Hi, my name is Ernie Caranto. I came to Canada 34 years ago where I landed in Montreal and worked as a foreign exchange trader. I came with a degree of Associate Marine Engineering.

Due to the French separatist movement , I moved to Vancouver for a career change. I completed the program Long - Term Care aide at Family Resources Institute in Vancouver. started working as a care aide at Edith Cavell Hospital before moving to Surrey in 2001.

I work at Surrey Memorial Hospital as Nursing Assistant since March 1998 up to present. I live with my wife, who also works as a nurse at Surrey Memorial Hospital , and our 2 boys with special needs.

In 2008, I was the President of  Vancouver Autistic and Down Syndrome Children society,  and also in 2014 I was  elected as a chair person in our Surrey Local HEU Union.