Candidate for Office of School Trustee (Surrey First Education)


Laurie Larsen

I have been a trustee for 14 years. Serving as chair of the Board for the last 4 terms and vice chair prior to that. I have lived in Surrey for over 65 years and had 4 children graduate from Surrey and have 2 grandchildren now attending Surrey schools.

The students of Surrey have always come first in any decision I have had to consider. I have been involved in many new and exciting programs, such as Racing to Equity, the equity scan, and the new curriculum, to name a few.

The school district is a leader in all things Covid and has been an example for other districts to follow when putting the safety and education of students and staff first.

I am fortunate to work with a cohesive and progressive team who put students first in every decision we have made and will continue to do if re elected.

Thank you, 

Laurie Larsen