Eligible voters can vote at any one of the 52 voting locations conveniently located throughout the city.

All voting locations are open from 8am to 8pm. View the voting locations map for locations close to you and estimated wait times at each voting location.

View the Voting Locations Map

If you're unable to view the map on your device, see our voting locations page or view the voting locations list.



Accessible Voting

City of Surrey is committed to providing accessible voting.

  • All voting locations are wheelchair accessible.
  • All eligible voters are able to vote by mail.
  • All eligible voters are allowed to vote at any one of our six (6) advance voting locations.

Multi-language Support

If you require translation assistance to read or mark a ballot, we encourage you to bring someone with you to provide assistance. Persons assisting a voter to mark a ballot will be required to sign a declaration affirming that they will:

  • Make the translation to the best of their ability.
  • Mark the ballot in accordance with the wishes of the elector.
  • Preserve the secrecy of the ballot of the elector being assisted.
  • Refrain from attempting in any manner to influence the elector as to how the elector should vote.

In addition, many of our voting locations have multi-lingual election officials to help as required.