Newton Graffiti Wall Murals

Looking to enhance your building with a mural or art?

Wall art and murals area effective strategy to engage communities, enliven streetscapes and contribute positive and aesthetic messages within the public realm. Wall art can also generate creative opportunities for groups of artists, residents, businesses and others to collaborate on projects whose process of production, design and presence contribute a positive sense of place and create an experience of community and belonging.  

The City of Surrey’s Signage Bylaw  provides oversight on wall art and murals.  All murals and wall art on private property must be approved by the City of Surrey.  This approval process can take between 4-6 months depending on the size and scope of the mural or wall art, so make sure to give yourself enough time as part of your project plan.

For more detailed information about the approval process, download the full wall art and mural guidelines here. Download Wall Art And Mural Guidelines

Contact the Community Enhancement Planner with any questions you have about murals and wall art. 

Did you know that you can apply for a grant to help fund your mural or art project through the Neighbourhood Enhancement Grants program or Storefront Enhancement Grant program


General Design Criteria

The following will be used by the designated advisory committee to review and provide advice to Council:

  1. Content is aesthetically pleasing, will contribute positively to a neighbourhood, is original, and does not infringe on the copyright of others including cultural rights, and takes into consideration other nearby public artworks, urban design and community context;
  2. Content is non-partisan, non-racial, non-denominational, non-sexist, and non-political, and in keeping with Human Rights Act principles;
  3. Wall art will not be used or serve as any form of commercial advertising or public information or solicitation of any kind;
  4. Content is appropriate for child audiences and if deemed sensitive is not permitted; (e.g. content depicting alcohol, drugs, tobacco or violence is not permitted)
  5. Content does not include logos or organizational brands or identities; and
  6. The theme of the mural is respectful of the greater context of the community, including historic and socio-cultural contexts.