Support Surrey farmers by buying locally produced farm products.

Buying, preparing, sharing, growing, and eating food is an important part of community and culture in Surrey. As outlined in our Sustainability Charter, the City strives to ensure residents have access to locally grown, fresh, healthy and affordable food.

From farmers markets and food trucks, to community kitchens and kitchen rentals, see below for ways you can buy, grow and share food in Surrey.

Community Food Resource Map

Use this interactive map to find food resources in Surrey, including where you can grow your own vegetables, access free and low-cost food, attend a community meal, and support your local farmers.

View the Community Food Resource Map

Know of an additional food resource in Surrey? Please contact to help us keep the food resource map up to date.

Buying Local

Surrey is home to more than 475 farms, and that agriculture accounts for one-third of our City’s land.

We encourage residents and visitors to support Surrey farmers by buying locally. The Surrey Farm Fresh Guide lists local Surrey farms that offer produce and horticultural products for sale to the public.

You can also visit a seasonal Farmers Market in Surrey to find fresh, local produce.

Growing Your Own Food

You can play an even bigger part in sustainability in Surrey by growing your own food. From herbs to vegetables to fruit and nut trees, our climate is great for growing food in our own backyards.

Surrey's mild climate and rich soils make it a great place to grow a wide range of products.

Not enough space to grow at home? Consider growing food on your balcony, or join a community garden. Visit your local nursery to get started.

Farm Start-Up Guide

Thinking of starting your own farm? Check out our Fraser Valley Farm Start-Up Guide to learn how to start your own farm or lease out your farmland to new farmers.