Borrow a full bag of play equipment for 7 days.

You can borrow an Active PLAYces kit from a participating recreation/ community centre. Invite your neighbours for some outside fun!

Kit Contents

Take all or just part of the equipment.

Each kit contains:

  • Active PLAYces bag full of play equipment and resources
  • Set of 4 hockey sticks
  • 2 Safety Alert markers
  • Oversized Checkers set

Borrow a Kit

You can sign out the kit for 7 days by completing the booking process. Borrowers are responsible for picking up and returning the equipment undamaged and on time. To borrow a kit there is a $1 fee and a refundable deposit is required. Credit card is accepted.

Please identify which of the following locations you are looking to borrow the kit from:

  • Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre
  • Fraser Heights Recreation Centre
  • Fleetwood Community Centre
  • Newton Recreation Centre
  • Cloverdale Recreation Centre
  • Grandview Aquatics Centre

Email or call 604-501-7698 to book a kit.

We will follow up with you to confirm your requested date as it is on a first come first serve basis.

Active PLAYces Goals

Active PLAYces aims to reduce barriers to play by providing families with access to equipment and resources to go outside and be active! The goal is to optimize the use of outdoor spaces available in Surrey neighbourhoods by encouraging safe outdoor play and fostering connections between neighbors.

Supported by the City of Surrey Afterschool for All Strategy.


Active PLAYces is presented in partnership with:

Active PLAYces is supported by the Physical Activity Strategy: