Join other young people ages 13 to 18 for the weekly support program at Clayton Hall.

Creating opportunities for positive mentoring and social interaction among young people helps to reduce anti-social behaviour and improves confidence, resiliency and the feeling of connection to their community. This is especially true of young people that do not gravitate towards sports or other activities and may feel disconnected from their neighbourhood. This initiative was developed locally in Clayton Heights to provide a safe space for young people in the afternoons and evenings.

CHAT is a program that runs weekly at Clayton Hall where young people can participate in activities in a safe place while spending time together and feeling part of a group. It provides opportunities to build relationships with caring adults who provide mentoring, as well as peer-to-peer support from young adult volunteers. The program connects youth to support that is designed to increase their confidence, life skills, employability, health and sense of belonging.

The program is currently delivered through a partnership between Pacific Community Resource Society, Parks Recreation and Culture, and the Clayton Heights Trademark Group of Companies. Through this partnership, young people will become more engaged in school and improve graduation rates. Creating a safe space helps to connect the youth to work experience programs, job shadowing and social services where needed. By building trust in a safe place, volunteers are better able to connect youth with the support they need.

Get involved

To learn how to become a Clayton Heights Activity Team volunteer, or if you are between the ages of 13 - 18 and would like to join, email

“This initiative has been a way for the businesses in our area to give back to young people and reduce issues in the community. We want to support our young people to give them a sense of belonging and purpose by building relationships and connections in their community -  It takes a village “ Jen Temple –Trademark Group of Companies and Founder of CHAT.

At Clayton Heights Activity Team (CHAT), young people meet mentors to

  • find out about work experience programs,
  • do job shadowing,
  • meet caring mentors,
  • and build positive peer relationships.

How we’ll measure success

  • Client referrals for supports
  • Repeat participation in the program

CHAT partners