Be a leader on COVID-10 safety in your circle with these tips from Fraser Health and the provincial Public Health Officer.


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The City of Surrey is taking COVID-19 seriously. Help us protect our residents by becoming a COVID Champion. 

We urge you to be a leader on COVID-19 safety in your circle or household by learning where to find and stay current with the facts and tapping into the best tips and resources from the provincial and local health authorities.

What is a COVID Champion?

A COVID Champion is someone who encourages everyone in their household to follow the rules so we can avoid a lockdown.

As we are all concerned about our friends and loved ones, being a community safety ambassador is an important duty. Here are 12 actions and principles advocates can use to help proactively spread the word on a daily basis:

  1. Make a safety plan that fits your household. Here are some resources from Fraser Health to guide you.
  2. Encourage everyone in your household to get tested if they are not feeling well or are experiencing any symptoms. People should self-isolate while waiting for test results.
  3. Report public health violations. Contact Surrey Bylaw Call Centre at 604-591-4370 or the Surrey RCMP non-emergency line at 604-599-0502. 
  4. Use facts to stand up to others who are looking for loopholes or excuses.
  5. Encourage everyone you know to stay home as much as they can, and educate that non-essential travel is now prohibited.
  6. Show others how to organize virtual get togethers. See some suggestions for activities to do online together, as well as some tips for gathering virtually.
  7. Remind everyone that in-person religious services are suspended, and then offer to help organize a virtual service.
  8. Express the importance of protecting the people around you who are most vulnerable.
  9. At home, promote the importance of washing hands often and sanitizing important areas.
  10. Encourage everyone to wear a mask when mandated to do so, such as in public spaces.
  11. Remind everyone not to shake hands, hug, or high five.
  12. Help educate everyone you know that vaccines are the safest option. Share information with them on where and how to vaccinate when options are available.

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Additional Resources

Visit Fraser Health for shareable resources on any of the above COVID Champion tips.

For more information on COVID-19 in Surrey, please visit or contact