Learn the duties of the Surrey Fire Service's Chief Mechanic and 3 full-time mechanics.

The Surrey Fire Service has a Chief Mechanic and 3 full-time mechanics. These mechanics are also known as Emergency Vehicle Technicians (EVTs). Our EVTs maintain and repair a fleet of 77 vehicles and over 100 pieces of equipment.

Our EVT's specialized training and skills enable them to work on many kinds of equipment, including rescue tools, chainsaws, and power generators, among many other pieces of equipment required by the Fire Service.

Biannual inspections are performed by the EVTs to keep the fleet in top condition. These inspections include service tests on the ground ladders, aerials, and pumps.

Our crews rely on our equipment to get them to the incidents and perform their duties at the incidents. It is very important to make sure emergency vehicles and their equipment are in reliable mechanical condition, with the administration of an excellent Preventative Maintenance program.

Our mechanics are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn more about the Surrey Fire Service.