Learn the requirements to become a career firefighter with the Surrey Fire Service.

A group of firefighters in front of a truck

The City of Surrey is not accepting fire fighter applications at this time. Please check back regularly for updates.

Surrey Fire Service is made up of more than 400 exceptional individuals who are driven, innovative, and resilient. We are committed to serving and providing fire protection and other critical emergency and non-emergency services to our growing community. We also focus on safety, customer service, and public education.

Our firefighters are highly skilled, efficient team players. We are mature, well-educated, and diverse; bringing unique strengths and experiences to the Surrey Fire Service.

Learn more about becoming a firefighter in Surrey in our 2019/2020 Firefighter Application Manual.

See what's required during the Firefighter Physical Abilities Test.

For more information on the hiring process for career firefighters, contact the Surrey Fire Service.