Get details on the Surrey Fire Service's physical fitness test. Learn what you can expect, what you should bring, and how you can train.

To advance through the Surrey Fire Service career firefighter process, you must pass the physical test. Make sure you know what will be expected of you.

See what is required during the Firefighter Physical Abilities Test.

Review the Firefighter Physical Abilities Training Guide.

What to Wear

  • You should arrive in appropriate workout clothing that includes runners, comfortable clothing with layers such as a t-shirt and sweatshirt, shorts and athletic/sweatpants.
  • While you are permitted to choose your own footwear, we do recommend steel-toe work boots for your protection.
  • You will not be wearing structural firefighting gear or full breathing apparatus.
  • The weight of all firefighting attire will be simulated with a 50-pound vest that you will wear throughout the test.
  • Leather work gloves will be worn during the test. We will provide a variety of sizes for applicants to choose from, but we recommend you bring your own leather work gloves for comfort and hygiene.

What to Bring

  • Bring all forms issued by Human Resources. These will include a doctor's clearance and liability waiver.
  • You will be working hard. Consider bringing drinking water and a snack for after the test.

The Test

  • There are 9 stations in the test.
  • At each station, you will be told to complete a task in a specific amount of time.
  • If the task is completed in the allotted time, you will move on to the next station.
  • If you fail to complete the test in the allotted time, you will not be allowed to continue.
  • You must follow the instructions and adhere to safety guidelines during the test. Failure to do so will result in elimination from the test.
  • There will be no rest periods between the tasks.
  • You will move to the next station immediately upon completion of each station.

The Stations

Station 1: Confined Space

  • You will wear a blacked-out facemask and enter our confined space training prop.
  • Navigate a narrow passageway on hands and knees for approximately 50 feet.
  • Locate a small mannequin and drag it out with you after completing the course.
  • Your facemask must remain on throughout the test. Removing the mask before completing your task will eliminate you from the test.

Station 2: The Aerial Climb

  • You will be asked to climb the 75-foot aerial mounted on the top of Quint 9.
  • You must maintain three points of contact with the ladder throughout the climb.
  • The objective of this task is to ensure you are comfortable with the heights faced by firefighters.

Station 3: Sled Drag

  • A 175-pound sled will be placed at the starting line with a webbing loop attached.
  • Grasping the loop of webbing, the candidate will walk backwards and drag the sled 50 feet, navigate the sled around a pylon and continue to drag the sled until it has been returned to the starting point.
  • The entire sled must cross the finish line to be successful.
  • This test is designed to simulate dragging a person from a building and takes the place of the traditional mannequin drag.

Station 4: Ladder Extension

  • Your task is to fully extend and lower a 35-foot ladder in a controlled fashion.
  • The halyard cannot be wrapped around the hands and must be pulled straight down.
  • You must follow the safety precautions, as instructed by the officiator.
  • The ladder will be considered fully extended only when the dogs have been locked at maximum height.
  • Failure to lock the dogs on full extension will cause you to have to repeat the task.
  • The officiator will check to make sure the dogs are locked and instruct you to bed the sections.
  • Bedding the sections must be done in a controlled fashion. Allowing the sections to fall will result in elimination from the test.

Station 5: Tower Climb

  • You will enter the tower of the Burn Building.
  • You will pick up a 150-foot bundle fold of 1 3/4-inch hose. It will be placed on your right shoulder.
  • Grip the handrail with your left hand. It should remain on the rail until you reach the top.
  • Climb to the fifth floor landing (top floor) of the Burn Building. A foot should land on each step. Do not skip steps.
  • Reaching the top, shift the bundle fold to the left shoulder and grip the handrail with your right hand.
  • Descend to the starting point without skipping steps. Skipping steps will result in a fail.
  • When you reach the starting point, you will repeat the climb and descend following the same procedures.

Station 6: Hose Roll Raise

  • You will be required to raise a hose roll, weighing approximately 50 pounds, to the top floor of the Hall 9 hose tower.
  • Proceed to the top floor of the hose tower at Hall 9.
  • Grasp the provided 5/8-inch hemp line and, in a hand-over-hand fashion, raise the hose roll until it touches the top rail of the guard rail.
  • In a controlled fashion, lower the hose roll back to the floor. Letting the roll drop or allowing the rope to "slide" through the fingers is not permitted.
  • When the roll is safely on the ground, the candidate proceeds to the next station.

Station 7: Hydrant Kit Carry

  • You are required to carry a hydrant kit (approximately 45 pounds) in one hand and walk across the rungs of  a 14-foot ladder without falling off the ladder.
  • The ladder lays flat and is supported at least 4 inches off of the ground.
  • You must step on each rung of the ladder. You cannot skip rungs.
  • When you reach the end of the ladder, step off, turn around and proceed back across the ladder to the starting point in the same fashion.
  • If you drop the kit or fall off of the ladder, you must start again from the beginning.
  • You will be timed from the start until you finish, regardless of how many times you must return to the start.
  • When you complete the task successfully, you may proceed to the next station.

Station 8: Hose Advance

  • You will fully advance 150 feet of charged 1 3/4-inch hose line.
  • The hose line will be flaked out behind the starting line.
  • You may grip the line in any fashion.
  • When told to begin, you will advance the line.
  • When the hose lies stretched in a straight line behind you and you have passed the finish line, the task is complete.
  • Proceed to the next station.

Station 9: Storz Roll Carry

  • You will be asked to lift and carry an 80-pound secured roll of storz supply line.
  • Lifting the roll from the tailgate of a truck, you will carry it a distance of 25 feet, walk around a pylon and walk back to the truck.
  • When you reach the truck, return the hose roll to the tailgate.
  • The test is complete.

Your test results will be forwarded to the Surrey Fire Service administration and the City of Surrey Human Resources department. HR will be in contact after all physical testing has been completed and results compiled.