Request Fire Department attendance reports and dispatch recordings.

Request incident reports where Surrey Fire Service responded to an incident.

You can request reports for:

  • Motor Vehicle Incident
  • Motor Vehicle Fire
  • Structure Fire
  • Medical Incident
  • Other Incident Reports

Request a Fire Incident Report

Routine requests for information are subject to the City’s fees, bylaws, and applicable legislation such as the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Requesting a Report for Another Person

If you are requesting access to another person’s personal information, an Authorization to Release must be submitted with the Incident Request Form. If we do not receive a complete Authorization to Release, personal information will be removed from all records provided to you in accordance with Section 22 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

If you use your own authorization to release form, it must be made out to the City of Surrey or it will be returned for correction.

Applications are accepted online or in person. We are no longer accepting requests through email, mail or fax.

Request an Incident Report Online

Request online

This recently introduced method is easy to follow and very convenient. It allows:

  • Reliable and consistently faster response times
  • Increased convenience over previous method of printing forms and mailing in requests, and
  • Instant confirmation of receipt of request submission

Request an Incident Report in Person

Download an Incident Request Form and Authorization to Release.

Please ensure your information is accurate, complete, and payment is included.

Submit your request in person during regular business hours Monday to Friday (8:30am-4:00pm) at:

Surrey Fire Service - Hall 1
8767 132 Street
Surrey, BC  
V3W 4P1

Processing Time

We will proceed with your request upon receipt of all the required forms and fees. Please allow a minimum of 30 business days for processing.

Protect Your Privacy

To protect your privacy and ensure confidentiality, please do not include any personal information such as social insurance numbers, personal health numbers or birth dates. This information is not required and your request may be returned to you to amend prior to being accepted.


Requests for access to routinely available records generate additional expenses for the City. Information about a fire incident, motor vehicle accident, or other emergency incident to which the Surrey Fire Service responded is available to the public on a fee-for-service basis. The requested information may not be available. Fees are for research services and are non-refundable.

Fees for Preparing Records

 Motor Vehicle Incident Report   $169.00 per incident
Medical or Other Incident Report   $169.00 per incident

Structure Fire Incident/Investigation Reports including photos (if applicable)

 $169.00 per incident
Motor Vehicle Fire Incident/ Investigation Reports including photos  (if applicable) $169.00 per incident
 Incident Questionnaire (can be requested only after you have requested and received the Incident Report)  $175.00 per request


Dispatch Recording Application Fee

Motor Vehicle Incident, Vehicle Fire Incident, Medical Incident, or Other Incident

$125.00 per incident*
Structure Fire Incident $535.00 per incident*

*Additional fees may be levied based on the actual cost of providing the services including the cost of locating and retrieving the records, preparing the records for disclosure, providing a copy of the records and shipping and handling the records.  The City may provide an estimate and require payment of a deposit prior to providing the services.

Contact Us

Comments or inquiries regarding Surrey Fire Service Information requests should be directed to 604-543-6731 or

If you require additional information that the Surrey Fire Service does not routinely provide, you can make a request through the City's Freedom of Information request process.