The Wellness Program manual is a guide to the SFS employees wellness programs and services.

As Surrey Fire Service employees, our wellness is important not only to our loved ones, but to the community we serve.

The Wellness Program manual, introduced in September 2016, is a one-stop guide to the wellness programs and services available to SFS employees that cover all aspects of wellness: mental, physical, spiritual and social.

The manual was a year in the making and involved input from union, management and external experts. The goal is to help ensure SFS is the kind of place where every employee knows what support is available, knows it’s okay to seek help, and knows how to help co-workers who are struggling.

Copies of the manual have been provided to all employees and are also available for reference at Surrey Fire Service stations and in PDF format.

Download the Wellness Program Manual


Wellness Program Resources

Here are some of the resources referenced in the Wellness Program Manual. You can find additional resources in the manual's appendix and on CityNet.

Mental Wellness (page 7)

Operational Guidelines

Employee Assistance Programs

Suicide Prevention

Physical Wellness (page 30)


Fitness Resources

Communicable Diseases