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Learn how the Public Engagement Strategy will provide a vision for community engagement in Surrey

The City is developing a Public Engagement Strategy and Toolkit. The strategy will provide a vision for what community engagement looks like in the City. The toolkit will provide an easy-to-use framework to plan, design, deliver and evaluate engagement.

As the City grows, so has the need to engage with residents, gather input and seek direction on projects and processes affecting them. One of the current challenges to advancing engagement across the City is the lack of a city-wide approach and standards for conducting engagement. In 2019, the City launched a Public Engagement Task Force, which concluded at the end of 2020. The Task Force was involved in several initiatives to improve engagement in the City, including the development of the strategy and toolkit. 

What Happens Next?

The draft strategy and toolkit are currently being refined and formatted. Once completed, the document will be brought forward to Council in Spring 2021. Following that, it will be published online and will guide how engagement is designed in delivered in the City moving forward.