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Learn how the new Public Engagement Strategy provides a vision for community engagement in Surrey.

Surrey is known for its diversity. It is young, multi-cultural and diverse. These conditions, paired with the City's rapid growth, are reshaping the City, and in turn, the future of public engagement. As Surrey continues to grow, reaching out and hearing from these diverse voices will help create a City that residents identify with and an environment that fosters civic participation and inclusion.

To help guide engagement, the City has developed a Public Engagement Strategy and Public Engagement Toolkit.

The Public Engagement Strategy provides the foundation for community engagement in Surrey. It identifies the City's vision, values, principles and outcomes for engagement. The Public Engagement Toolkit is the companion to the Strategy. The Toolkit provides an easy-to-use framework to plan, design, deliver and evaluate engagement. The Toolkit also provides guidance on how to reach residents underrepresented in typical engagement. Both documents are based on best practices elsewhere, while reflecting Surrey's unique context. 

On June 14, 2021, the Public Engagement Strategy and Toolkit were endorsed by Council. With Council's endorsement, an interdepartmental community engagement working group will be established. The working group will support the implementation of the Strategy and Toolkit.