Surviving the Night

What do vulnerable women and girls need to stay safe at night in Surrey? There are very limited services available at night in Surrey. The “Surviving the Night” report documents the emerging trends, challenges, and night-time safety and service needs of vulnerable women and girls in Surrey.  

Surrey at Night

Skookum Lab

‘Skookum’ means strong, powerful, and brave. Skookum Lab is developing new ways to address Indigenous child and youth poverty in Surrey. Convened by the Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee, Skookum Lab puts Indigenous wisdom at the centre of our activities. Read the Skookum Progress Report to learn about what we’ve achieved

Kids infront of graffiti wall


Aileen Murphy
Senior Social Planner
Phone: 604-591-4315

Cleo Breton
Social Planner
Phone: 604-591-4744