Help us understand important housing needs in Surrey.

In 2020-21, we will be creating a Surrey Housing Needs Report. The Report will help us better understand current and future housing needs in Surrey, with a focus on key issues and populations including:  

  • Affordable Housing
  • Rental Housing
  • Special Needs Housing
  • Housing for Seniors
  • Housing for Families
  • Shelters for people experiencing homelessness and housing for people at risk of homelessness
  • Affordable Housing along the Fraser Highway Skytrain Corridor Planning Area
  • Urban Indigenous Housing

A better understanding of housing needs will help inform future planning work in Surrey.

Process & Timeline

  • Completed
  • Started
  • Pending
September 2020 – April 2021

Project Advisory Committee

A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) of approximately 25 key stakeholders will meet at key project milestones to provide input and guidance to the creation of the Housing Needs Report.

October – November 2020

Data Collection and Analysis

We will gather and analyse quantitative data to help us understand emerging trends and findings.

November – December 2020

Community Engagement

  • Online Survey to gather input from Surrey residents
  • Special Topic Workshops with stakeholders on key populations and topics of interest for Surrey
  • Community Ambassadors to conduct surveys with people from specific populations
January 2020

What We Heard Report

Findings from engagement activities will be compiled into a What We Heard report.

Summer/Fall 2021

Final Housing Needs Report

The final Housing Needs Report will be presented to Mayor and Council.

Background Information

In April 2018, new provincial legislation amended the Local Government Act establishing a requirement for local governments to complete housing needs reports by April 2022 and every five years thereafter.

The City received funding from the Union of BC Municipalities to create a Surrey Housing Needs Report.

Required content for the housing needs report identified in the provincial legislation and regulations includes:

  • Data: Approximately 50 distinct kinds of data are required to be collected
  • Estimated Number of Housing Units required to meet current housing and anticipated housing needs for at least the next five years, by housing type.
  • Statements of Need that are based on the analysis of the required data and the public engagement process. The narrative statements describe the current and anticipated key areas of local need.

Key Documents

On Nov. 12, 2019, Council endorsed Corporate Report R221 which approved an application to the UBCM for funding to carry out a Surrey Housing Needs Report.

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