A person scanning their Recreation Passcard.

Get your free Recreation Passcard for registered activities.

All City of Surrey recreation facilities require patrons to present a Recreation Passcard before entering.

Use your Recreation Passcard for automatic access to your registered activities. The passcard is free of charge and available at the front desk of your recreation facility.

Benefits of Having a Recreation Passcard

  • Quicker access to our facilities to participate in healthy activities as a member of City of Surrey.

  • Register and load your Recreation Passcard online with programs, lessons, swipe passes, one month or a one year membership. Loading cards is instant and a receipt is emailed to you.

  • Improve our service to you based on high use times (i.e. more janitorial and front desk staff, more programs, etc).

  • Safety and security improvements when we know who is accessing our facility.

  • Should an emergency arise, we have contact information for those using the facility.

 All information is kept confidential and meets the City of Surrey’s Privacy Policy.