Follow these guidelines to help you host a successful event in Surrey parks.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the health and safety of our residents is our top priority. As such, we are following the November 19 provincial public health orders that prohibit outdoor gatherings of any kind. This includes events in our parks. 

In accordance with the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Facilities Regulation Bylaw, events taking place in a City Park must not interfere with the free use and enjoyment of the park by any other person.

As such, things like fundraisers, solicitation, amplification of sound and speech, distribution of information, and over-monopolization of the space with large structures, are not permitted.

Please note the additional guidelines for all park locations.

Garbage and Recycling

All garbage and recycling, including decorations, must be disposed of immediately following your event.

Please take your garbage with you to avoid overfilling the park bins. Please refrain from using balloons and confetti as they can harm wildlife, plug storm drains, and are difficult to clean up.

Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking or consuming alcohol is not permitted in any Surrey park.


Events may be set up in a vacant location on passive grass without restricting access to other park users. Please note that no special park access will be given to set up your event.

Tents and Structures

You may use one 10x10 foot tent with tent weights (preferred) or small pegs (4-6 inches). Tents larger than 10x10 feet are not permitted in Surrey parks.

Serving Food

Natural gas, propane, or charcoal briquettes are permitted if they are being used in ULC/CSA-approved devices for that particular product.  

Within City Parks, natural gas and propane are permitted to be used only within the picnic table areas, while charcoal briquettes are only permitted to be used at picnic table sites that have City-sanctioned coal disposal containers.

During a burning ban, charcoal briquettes will not be permitted within City Parks.

Picnic Sites with City-sanctioned coal disposal containers
Park Location Within Park
Hawthorne Rotary Park West of Picnic Shelters
Green Timbers Urban Forrest East of northernmost Picnic Shelter
Bear Creek Park South of Picnic Shelters at 140th st, Northwest of the Water Plaground, Southwest of Surrey Arts Centre parking lot
Fleetwood Park North of smaller Picnic Shelter
Port Kells Park Southeast of playground


Learn more about Picnic and BBQ use guidelines, and find out which parks offer these facilities.

You may have your event catered; however, your caterer must not solicit or advertise business in the park and may only serve guests included in your party.

Music and Speakers

Amplification of sound (including microphones, speakers, and megaphones) is not permitted in City of Surrey parks.


Parking is on a first come first serve basis.


To find out if you need a permit to host an event in a City park, please visit our Host an Event in a Park page. If your event requires a permit, please have this on hand at the time of the event.