Surrey Nature Centre - Sammy the Salamander

Registration will begin Tuesday, August 24 at 8:30am for the Surrey Nature Centre's virtual and in-person school programs.  


In-person School Programs

The Surrey Nature Centre will have in-person school programs for the 2021-22 school year - stay tuned for details!


Virtual School Programs

Without leaving the comfort of your classroom we will take you on a tour of Green Timbers Park and will explore the differences between frogs and salamanders (primary program) or the forest edge habitat (intermediate program). Each program is 30 minutes.

Frogs and Salamanders (K – gr 4)

The 30 minute Frogs and Salamanders virtual program will introduce you to the life cycle and habitats of these two amphibians. We’ll start by meeting our Northwestern Salamander, Sammy, and learn about his species. Then, your class will join one of our team members as they search for the best places to find frogs and salamanders in Green Timbers Park.


Exploring the Forest Edge (gr 4-7)

The 30 minute Forest Edge virtual program will introduce you to the forest edge habitat and the animals that live there. We’ll start by familiarizing ourselves with the Surrey Nature Centre’s urban forest and meadow ecosystems. Using the example of a coyote, we will head outside to learn the four main factors that coyotes and other animals need to survive on the forest edge.


Please Note: We will be using the Microsoft Teams platform to deliver the live, virtual programs. To ensure a smooth program we require a technical ‘check-in’ prior to your scheduled program - we will discuss this with you upon booking.