Discover the best places to plan a picnic in a Surrey Park.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the health and safety of our residents is our top priority. As such, we are following the November 19 provincial public health orders that prohibit outdoor gatherings of any kind. This includes events in our parks. 

Are you looking to plan a picnic or family BBQ in a Surrey park? Find out the steps required to plan a picnic in a City of Surrey Park. 

Planning your picnic or BBQ

When making your picnic or BBQ plan, please take direction from the BC Ministry of Health and the Centre for Disease Control. As per Public Health Orders, gatherings in groups outdoors is prohibited. 

You can have your picnic or BBQ on a first-come, first -serve basis. 

Pack It In, Pack It Out

The next time you have your picnic or BBQ, make sure you Pack It In, Pack It Out. This means anything that you bring into the park with you, you take home with you (including food packaging and wrappers, takeout containers, pizza boxes, and food scraps). Help keep Surrey’s Parks clean and beautiful while also diverting waste through the appropriate streams at your home.

When planning your picnic or BBQ, It is best to choose sustainable, reusable and recyclable supplies. Be sure to Pack it In and Pack it Out!

Picnic Shelters Guidelines

Picnic shelters are available in the following parks on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is recommended that you provide your own water and power source as needed when you use a park shelter.

Picnic Shelters in Surrey

Parks with shelters are organized below according to town centre:

Park Town Centre # of Shelters Location Details

32B - Utility Row

(9409 140 Street)

North Surrey 1 Located on the west side of the park off 93A Avenue
Bear Creek Park North Surrey 7

2 located east of the playground

2 located west of 140 Street parking lot

2 located northwest of the running track

1 located southeast of the pavilion

Bridgeview Park North Surrey 1 Located east of the tennis courts
Hawthorne Park North Surrey 8 Located in the main park area beside the playground and water spray park, north of the new bioswale and pond
Robertson Drive Park North Surrey 2 Located on paved area north of the playground
A.H.P. Matthew Park City Centre 2 Located southwest of the playground
Erma Stephenson Park Guildford 1 Located southeast of the softball diamond north of 109 Avenue
Port Kells Park Guildford 1 Located south of the parking lot
Chimney Heights Park Newton 1 Located west of the soccer fields off 146 Street
Dominion Park Newton 3

2 located north of the playground

1 located west of the playground
Hazelnut Meadows Community Park Newton 2 Located east of the 140 Street parking lot
Kabaddi Park Newton 1 Located adjacent to the washrooms
Newton Athletic Park Newton 3

1 located east of the washroom

2 located northwest of the north parking lot
Serpentine Dog Off-Leash Park Newton 1 Located in the gravel entrance area off 76 Avenue
Sullivan Park Newton 1 Located east of the tennis courts
T.E. Scott Park Newton 2 Located northwest of the playground off 148 Street
Tamanawis Park Newton 3 Located north of parking lot between the baseball and field hockey fields
Unwin Park Newton 3 Located east of the parking lot off 68 Avenue
West Newton Community Park Newton 1 Located northwest of the cricket field
Clayton Park Cloverdale 1 Located south of the tennis courts
Cloverdale Athletic Park Cloverdale 3 Located north of the spray park
Enver Creek Park Fleetwood 4 Located on the west side of the park off 146 Street
Fleetwood Park Fleetwood 4

1 located west of the garden

3 located west of the playground
Freedom Dog-Off-Leash Park Fleetwood 1 Located in the grassy area east of the parking lot
Blackie Spit Park South Surrey 1 Located in the dog-off-leash area
Crescent Park South Surrey 2 Located at the north end of the meadow, north of the playground
Dogwood Park South Surrey 1 Located north of the parking lot in the dog-off-leash area
Elgin Heritage Park South Surrey 4

1 located west of the boat launch

1 located east of the boat launch

2 located in the west section of park
Redwood Park South Surrey 4

3 located south of the playground

1 located north of the playground
South Surrey Athletic Park South Surrey 2

1 located at the bike park

1 located at the playground