Get forms, deadlines and information to book a ball diamond or a sports field in Surrey.

All indoor and outdoor team sports for people 22 years of age and older are suspended until further notice.

Indoor and outdoor sport for people under 22 years of age can continue, but participants must maintain a physical distance of 3 metres from one another, and activities should be low risk of transmitting COVID-19 (e.g. individual activities, group training that maintains physical distance). 

Games, tournaments and competitions for teams are not allowed. 

Spectators are also not permitted during any sporting events.

The City of Surrey provides sport organizations and clubs with many opportunities to book a field. Find an application form for your next sports event or team's field booking.

Teams or clubs that belong to a league in Surrey must apply through their league.

For additional information call 604-501-5174 or email

    Application Forms

    To book an outdoor facility or host a tournament at an outdoor sports field, please complete the Facility Application Form or the Tournament Application Form and email or send a fax to 604-501-5177.

    Outdoor Sport Field Permits

    All organized sports require a valid permit issued by the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department. Permits and field assignments can be obtained by calling the Outdoor Sport Booking Line at 604-501-5174 or by emailing

    When a group of semi-organized individuals playing a recognized sport on a regular basis, this would generally require a valid field allocation permit.

    Small groups of residents, including adults and children, playing informally, will not generally require a permit. Informal play must always give way to organized play where the participating teams and individuals are operating with a valid permit.

    Field Booking Deadlines

    Requests submitted after the deadlines will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information email or send a fax to 604-501-5177.

    School Board Bookings

    Surrey school gyms and outdoor sports fields are allocated through the School Board office. Contact the Surrey School District at 604-595-6084 for booking information.

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