Keep our fields in good condition year-round by maintaining them and allowing rest periods.

All indoor and outdoor team sports for people 22 years of age and older are suspended until further notice.

Indoor and outdoor sport for people under 22 years of age can continue, but participants must maintain a physical distance of 3 metres from one another, and activities should be low risk of transmitting COVID-19 (e.g. individual activities, group training that maintains physical distance). 

Games, tournaments and competitions for teams are not allowed. 

Spectators are also not permitted during any sporting events.

Balancing Play & Maintenance on Grass Sports Fields

The City of Surrey has many outdoor athletic fields for people of all ages to enjoy. Each year, thousands of people enjoy using these facilities for baseball, soccer and many other activities.

With our mild weather, outdoor sports can be played almost all year. To use grass fields for an entire playing season, everyone needs to work together to keep them in good condition. This involves cooperation from City staff, user groups, and the general public.

Every year, natural grass sports fields need a period of rest. During this time, new grass is planted so the fields are restored to their original condition.

  • For fall and winter fields, the rest periods are from May to early August.
  • For summer fields, the rest periods are from the mid-August to early October.

As our population grows, more people are using these outdoor fields. This increase in use can create challenges in maintaining turf grass surfaces. To ensure the long-term health of our living fields, the City sometimes has to limit the use of our fields.

This process involves managing:

  • The total amount of play a field receives
  • The timing of the play a field receives
  • The timing of each field’s rest period

Local sports associations help maintain sports fields in Surrey. With the help of these associations as well as each user, our goal is to keep all of Surrey’s outdoor sports fields in good, safe conditions.

For more information on booking a field, see our Field Bookings page. You can also call the Outdoor Sport Booking Line at 604-501-5174 or email

Thank you for your help in maintaining our fields!