Learn about using and installing portable goals.

With B.C.’s Restart plan, local outdoor sport is resuming over the coming weeks as part of a 4 step process. Please visit viaSport for the most up-to-date information on how your sport activities may proceed and what safety measures are required.

Parks staff provide a mix of outdoor sport field goal posts to accommodate a variety of sports, including:

  • fixed and portable mini soccer goals
  • fixed and portable regulation sized soccer goals
  • portable field hockey goals
  • fixed football and rugby goals

To cut down on unauthorized play that damages the goal areas, we have started using more portable goals, which are easy to move after games to a secured fixture.

For this system to work, everyone must help to make sure the goals are locked up and put away after games. It is the responsibility of the last home team of the day to ensure the goals are properly secured.

Parks staff will be monitoring the use of portable field goals. Failure to follow the locking procedures may result in a suspension of specific field permits.

Parks staff supply locks and keys. Keys can be picked up from the Athletic Services Coordinator by calling 604-501-5174.

To report missing, defective or unsafe locking systems, call the City's service request line at 604-501-5050.

Need help setting up the goals? Check out the following installation instructions for different types of goals.