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Find out the current status and read the inspection report for fields in Surrey.

Spectators are not permitted during outdoor sporting events as per new public health orders relating to COVID-19 announced on November 19, 2020.

The Sports Field Inspection Program is a weekly information update that reports on the overall conditions of the City's outdoor athletic sports fields. Information is gathered on specific sports field assets as they relate to the safety and playability for the outdoor sports community. 

Check fields prior to game time. If there is standing water or soft muddy areas, the field is closed.

Please adhere to current physical distancing policies as set out by the Chief Medical Officer of the Province of British Columbia.

Current Field Closures

Inspection Date: November 26, 2020

Please check fields prior to game time. If there are soft muddy sections or standing water, the field is closed to play.

Check field closures in:

A Closed status indicates the field is unavailable for play until the next inspection date. Occasionally, some closed fields can be reversed upon the verbal authorization from City of Surrey staff, if environmental and/or playability considerations warrant.

CD or Club Discretion status was developed to help during periods of unsettled weather. The "CD" designation provides greater latitude to Club officials during periods of rapidly changing environmental conditions. This latitude of whether to Open or Close fields is typically made by club officials less than 24 hours before game time, providing the best opportunity to ensure optimum play, or conversely, to protect field surfaces from damage due to play in inclement weather.

As a general rule, if environmental and field conditions remain the same or improve, based upon the city's current field inspection report, the field is considered "Open". If the weather pattern deteriorates, the field should be "Closed".

Please move all portable soccer goals back to their storage locations after practices and games. If locks are missing or inoperable, contact our office at 604-501-5174.


For sports field emergencies after regular business hours, including lighting problems, call 604-543-6700.

If you have a non-emergency maintenance issue, call 604-501-5050.

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